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I help edupreneurs, coaches, consultants, and businesses create custom design solutions that stay true to their brand and increase their perceived value.

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I am a Digital Media and Content Designer evolving creatively in my own way. Unlike those naturally gifted with creativity from a young age, my path was not immediately apparent. As an introvert who enjoys spending time alone, pondering how things could be improved, I found my creative spark later in life.

At the age of 18, I unexpectedly found myself in a leadership role, steering organizations and solving interesting problems. This experience fueled my inclination for introspection, pushing me to envision how things could be improved. Although design wasn't the focus of my college studies (only a few subjects/electives about it), my curiosity led me to explore it independently.

What captivated me about design was its universal applicability beyond the visual realm; its principles could be seamlessly integrated into various aspects of life. For instance, imagine applying the balance and harmony you learn in design to organize a chaotic schedule or using the concept of contrast to bring out the best in your personal relationships. It's this cool realization that the lessons from design aren't just about pixels and colors—they're like life hacks for making everything a bit more awesome.

Now, as a Digital Media and Content Designer, I am dedicated to crafting captivating visuals that transcend mere aesthetics. Specializing in the intersection of creativity and function, my designs are not just visually arresting but are meticulously tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

My portfolio includes visual branding, social media, presentations, infographics, and more. My overarching goal is to empower brands to connect with their audience authentically and convey their messages with professionalism and impact.

With a foundation built on my early experiences in leadership and a journey that transformed curiosity into expertise, I take immense pride in my work. I am committed to delivering excellence, confident that my designs will breathe life into your content and help you attain the remarkable results you desire. Schedule a Call.


Visual Content

  • Visual Brand Strategy for your outdated social media assets
  • Canva Template Suite for your brand
  • Marketing Collateral to help you build an online presence

Graphic Design

  • Brand Identity Design
  • Custom Brand Illustration
  • Motion Graphics
  • Digital and Print Designs
  • Website Design


  • Non-Designers Guide to Design
  • Visual Branding for Social Media Success
  • Canva Training
  • Freelancing Workshop

"Butch was able to provide high-quality, professional branding elements within a timeframe and budget that worked for me. I liked how Butch checked in often before the final product to make sure I had exactly what I wanted. The number of materials he gave me was more than I expected. I’ll be using his services again in the future."

Chris Smith

Academic Data Specialist, Smith Visualizations

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"It was a pleasure and we are grateful to have found Butch and his work! Highly suggest you hire him and his team. All expectations and requirements were communicated upfront, and he was responsive to any of my requests for clarification. I enjoyed working with him and hope to have the opportunity to work with him again."

Conard James Faraon

Lead Software Developer, Humpback Whale Social Call

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